while being busy all the time and with everything i totally forgot to mention :

i got a new car in the mid of may.

Why do i mention this ?
Because i wanted to take risks again and get something i wanted and needed.
The last time i bought a cat 16 years ago. Now i got a small but decent car. All i need these days is : AC & Bluetooth radio handheld integration.
3cyl. ,80hp engine is not a blast but moves u around.
Satisfied with decesion

tell the world

in the last quarter i did not tell a lot

being on vacation is alsoย  a time to consolidate and look back and to the future.

looking back on last 6 – 8 month i must say, that i did find some change in my life. i was very frustated and was able to reset myself. i learned to separate private and biz life more, i was able to understand that change may not be bad, to arrive at a new place with totally new challenges and maybe look even further down the road.

in essence : all good ๐Ÿ™‚

i again realized that i have been writing for a long time now on this blog. it moved already to its second server and i still enjoy it.

i also start to enjoy doing some really basic gardening. something i did not feel like in the past.

so keep on writing

maybe you will enjjoy it.

a thing on the side : install bruteforce filter for wordpress

nexus player

just saw this announcement on a media outlet.

after serveral years with google i have to admit that they are a driving force but not something you want to rely on.

things come and go and , until search plays a major role, vanish in the haze.

for a long term solution this is not the vendor i want to go with. and i think they know that.

nevertheless they are around longer than most internet bubbles and still seem to make enough money to stay there for a while.

so be aware of google and choose a product that only has a life span month or little years. but no more ๐Ÿ™‚