monitoring for outsourcing

as we face issues or missed expectation with an outsourcing partner,

here is my approach while getting to know the world i am ultimately responsible for :

fully understand, what the outsourcing partner can do for you. what he is confident in and delivers on a day to day basis – confirmed by customer experience.

choose random that you want to check to cross confirm his monitoring. see what you have in place and also need to check.

work your way from outside to the inside. nothing worse then being told by your customer, that stuff is not working 🙂

more to come

my ubuntu shortcuts

apt-get update, apt-get update = update holen und einspielen für Software pakete.

apt list –installed = alle installierte pakete anzeigen

apt-get purge <package-name> uninstall package plus alle relationenen

zusätzlich zum apt-get purge noch hinterher ein

apt autoremove – macht den rest weg

/etc/apt/sources.list enhält die repositories = einfach anderes dran hängen..


bei mir hing auch ein packet wohl

sudo apt-get purge mysql*
sudo apt-get autoremove
sudo apt-get autoclean
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade


new mission?

really dont know why i picked it up.
but while i am on vacation these days i ran across zabbix.
and it really seems to be interesting.
i am able to run it in a docker container. connect the frontend to another server and have the db on a third server.
it really has some very interesting features for me at home : i am able to get an overview of what is running in my network and if i have connectivity to certain services. and while thinking about that i biz stuff comes into play. especially that i am able to monitor things even if the main server is down. the proxy functions seems to be important. maybe this will be my new longterm project for delivering services and checks. more to come

next dsm

synology is currently doing ist annual teaser for new stuff they want to bring out. what tickles me ?

i am really interrested in the synology AD approach. have a proper AD at home, when it is the fact, that you have a few windows boxes at home. and be able to manage them properly, really tickles me !! there is also other stuff, but that really is the one thing. also the talk about vpn access via web. and vpn ssl. i do get vpn ssl but the vpn access via web must be something that works as a reverse proxy or hosted browser in docker . slides that circulate the web are rather vage. but you get the idea and you know that beta software tends to be testing ground for what should be done and what not. there is no clear date on when these feature will come, even as a beta.

on a sidenote i have to admit, that my legacy box just turned to dsm 6 2 weeks ago, that is almost 10 months after release, not to mention beta. and did not really miss a thing. except of maybe the filesystem which implicitly gives you new features. i am working on this 🙂