new mission?

really dont know why i picked it up.
but while i am on vacation these days i ran across zabbix.
and it really seems to be interesting.
i am able to run it in a docker container. connect the frontend to another server and have the db on a third server.
it really has some very interesting features for me at home : i am able to get an overview of what is running in my network and if i have connectivity to certain services. and while thinking about that i biz stuff comes into play. especially that i am able to monitor things even if the main server is down. the proxy functions seems to be important. maybe this will be my new longterm project for delivering services and checks. more to come

next dsm

synology is currently doing ist annual teaser for new stuff they want to bring out. what tickles me ?

i am really interrested in the synology AD approach. have a proper AD at home, when it is the fact, that you have a few windows boxes at home. and be able to manage them properly, really tickles me !! there is also other stuff, but that really is the one thing. also the talk about vpn access via web. and vpn ssl. i do get vpn ssl but the vpn access via web must be something that works as a reverse proxy or hosted browser in docker . slides that circulate the web are rather vage. but you get the idea and you know that beta software tends to be testing ground for what should be done and what not. there is no clear date on when these feature will come, even as a beta.

on a sidenote i have to admit, that my legacy box just turned to dsm 6 2 weeks ago, that is almost 10 months after release, not to mention beta. and did not really miss a thing. except of maybe the filesystem which implicitly gives you new features. i am working on this ๐Ÿ™‚


while being busy all the time and with everything i totally forgot to mention :

i got a new car in the mid of may.

Why do i mention this ?
Because i wanted to take risks again and get something i wanted and needed.
The last time i bought a cat 16 years ago. Now i got a small but decent car. All i need these days is : AC & Bluetooth radio handheld integration.
3cyl. ,80hp engine is not a blast but moves u around.
Satisfied with decesion

tell the world

in the last quarter i did not tell a lot

being on vacation is alsoย  a time to consolidate and look back and to the future.

looking back on last 6 – 8 month i must say, that i did find some change in my life. i was very frustated and was able to reset myself. i learned to separate private and biz life more, i was able to understand that change may not be bad, to arrive at a new place with totally new challenges and maybe look even further down the road.

in essence : all good ๐Ÿ™‚

i again realized that i have been writing for a long time now on this blog. it moved already to its second server and i still enjoy it.

i also start to enjoy doing some really basic gardening. something i did not feel like in the past.

so keep on writing

maybe you will enjjoy it.

a thing on the side : install bruteforce filter for wordpress